Day 44 – Hot 100 Update #3

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  1. Hi Shelli,
    Swimming is wonderful exercise! And it would allow your injuries to heal while you keep at it…I hope it heals fast.
    Take care,

  2. I hope you’re ankle and knee are feeling better. Swimming sounds like a “fun” way to burn calories – I hope you enjoy it.

  3. Great work…hope you heal quickly!

  4. Feel better soon! I’m still working on drinking more water. And swimming sounds fantastic – just imagine how great you are going to feel afterwards!

  5. Man, I hope your joints heal. It’s never good when injuries pop up. I’ll pray for healing!

    I was just thinking about you and your bodybugg. What do you think about it? I’m still really intrigued.

  6. Thanks for the update Shelli – three out of four isn’t bad, especially when the remaining one was somewhat out of your control.

  7. How are you doing? Haven’t seen a post from you in awhile. Hope all is well.

  8. I think I read that you were busy with end of term school stuff, right?? Hope all is well with you, and when you get a chance pop in to say hello, if you have time. If not, I totally understand that you need to follow the priorities set between you and the Lord.
    Blessings on your journey,

  9. Missing your updates. Hope all is well.

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