Day 34 – Hot 100 Update #2

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  1. Well, drat it all! I kept hearing about the Bodybugg, so I just looked it up, thinking it might motivate me to be more consistent about exercise. It can only be used on a Mac that has the new Intel system…nothing older. 😦 I guess I will have to ditch the excuses and just DO IT. Now there’s a novel ideal…LOL!

    Sounds like you are doing well, and when you get the exercise down, you’ll do even better! Yay you!

    • Ohh that’s to bad. There are so many different programs out there I’m sure you could find something similar. But you know pencil and paper works as well. 🙂 What ever keeps us motivated right?

  2. All the BodyBugg posts really are making me want one of these. It looks like an overall successful ten days. Next though, I bet you’ll have four check marks.

    • Thanks Steve. I do like the Bodybugg. I’m getting use to it right now. There are so many programs out there so I just don’t know if it would be the best for everyone. But its what I have and I like it. I’ll let you know more about it as it goes.

  3. You are doing great!

  4. Hi Shelli. I’m Josie and I’ve just recently started my journey too. You had a great week, it’ll only get better from here!

    • Thanks Josie! It feels great to be doing the right thing.

  5. Looking good, Shelli, and that inertia you’re creating will soon make exercise a positive force in your life, I know! Like Steve says about it: Get it on your side. I can feel for myself it’s getting to work, and that’s a great feeling. I’m so grateful for this focus.

    Thanks for the trackback – and good luck for the next 10 days, whoohoo!!

    • Thanks Pippa I just visited your site. I love the Piano video. Keep it fun!

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