Day 30 – “That’s my girl”


“There goes my daughter.  She’s mine.  Do you see her?  There she goes do you see what she’s doing?  Oh there she goes again.  That’s my girl.  I’m proud of her and I love her. There she goes again do you see her? She’s mine.”

An elder at my church shared these words with me in reference to what the Lord declares to be true of me.  For me to walk in this truth at times is difficult for me to accept.  This truth is laid out more times than I can count in His word but when I’m undisciplined it is difficult for me to accept.  I have struggled and hidden this part of my life even though it is the most obvious thing about me.  I teach about goal setting all day long with my students and yet my most obvious goal  is the one thing I have yet to be able to achieve. It is hypocritical.  So if I want a life of integrity I must be disciplined in the little things.    I have pride when I know that I have made good choices throughout the day.  Going the extra mile and not phoning it in sets an example but most of all it makes you proud.  Rising above laziness and following through with a plan will make you that much stronger so you won’t be pushed around.

So as the Biggest Loser song asks,
“What have you done today to make you feel proud?”


  1. Ahh yes! I love that quote and recite it to myself often.

    What have I done today to make me feel proud?

    I ate a well balanced breakfast instead of giving into temptation and I am planning for a great day!

    • Great job Kim! It’s going to be a great day.
      Way to stay strong.

  2. We love Him because He first loved us…

    It is hard for me to remember and accept it, too…that His love is not performance based…that He loves me NOW, and all the years before when I failed at this health thing over and over and over…

    I think that why I never gave up, though came so close many times…because HE never gave up on me. I get the concept, now, of His love for me, but it’s still hard for me to imagine Him being proud of me, because I still connect that to “performance”…it is an area I am working on to understand.

    I appreciate this post…it reminds me again of His “Daddyship” and His love for me.

    • “He loves you right now!” Now that’s what I’m holding dear to my heart. I’m perfectly wonderful and loved right NOW. Who could not rein or prosper in that knowledge?
      Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Please remember that He loves you no matter what.

    It’s hard–I keep on having to remind myself that God doesn’t love me anymore than He did before (when I was heavier). It’s tough to deal with low self-esteem (what a vicious cycle!!).

    Great reminder for us all; thanks for posting this!

    • I have to keep reminding myself of this. It’d so difficult. Remaining in Him and putting selfish desires aside is what I’m working on. I think I’m such a baby soometimes.

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