Day 23 – Hot 100 Update Going Out With a Bang!

Click on the PAGE Link at the right.



  1. You’ll really have to tell me what you think of your bodybugg. Intriguing, but so pricey!

  2. Love watching you track your progress!

  3. Jumping right back on track is a BIG DEAL.

    Some people are derailed for weeks, months or years. The old “all or nothing” thinking. I shudder when I read of people who think they can’t have one bite because that will mean, to them, they have blown it all and they will regain it all. Very dangerous thinking.

    You are doing great…getting right back on track is such an important skill!! Congrats!

  4. Looks like you did pretty good this week, congratulations! Like Beej, I am anxious to hear about the bodybug.

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