Day 22 — Week 3 Weigh In +1.6



I gained +1.6 pounds this week.

Starting Weight : 365.1
Current Weight: 362.6

Total overall pounds lost: -2.5

       I hit a bump in the road this last week. My schedule got the best of me. I got lazy and maybe a little prideful. So it was easy to choose to “sink my battleship” with a Medium French Fries, and an Angus Mushroom & Swiss burger for a grand total of 1700 calories. The best part was that I was able to get my focus back by studying, praying, writing and visiting other successful blogs. As Dave Ramsey would say, “If you want to be successful then mimic successful people. If you want to be healthy then do what healthy people do.”


  1. You know, I think the worst gains for me are when I did it all right and felt I “deserved” a loss, but didn’t get it. The ones where I “earned” the temporary plus I actually find easier to accept…because since I know what I did to cause it, I know I can turn it around and get it right back on track.

    Sounds like you know exactly where the bump in the road was, and you are planning on steering around it next time.

    I hear ya about the schedule thing…mine got away from me, too, this week. For me, the lack of sleep messes it all up…I was on the phone today with my sister, and couldn’t remember which day it was!

    I love that quote from Dave Ramsey…hope it’s okay to steal it and add it to my collection!

    Aren’t you glad God is so loving and patient as we learn???!

  2. Hi Shelli!
    Isnt it amazing how many calories in a fast food meal??
    Hope you are back on track for the next week.

  3. This is a great lesson. One all of us need from time to time when we get too big for our britches (both literally and figuratively)! Just make sure you push through this week!

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