Day 21 – The Lion King


      The Lion King was just fabulous last night! It was a late night and early morning but well worth every effort. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. During the show I noticed all the wonderful women who were of a variety of shapes. They were confident and beautiful. We’re all so different and extraordinary.

     I calculated perfectly for my Calorie Budget. It was nice to be in control. The seats were in fact very comfortable. I’ve been to theatres where the seats were actually so small that it was painful. This is such an unnecessary thing to be worry about in life. Fortunately, I can change. I am changing. I’m perfectly wonderful now but in a year’s time we’ll see what happens.



  1. Ah…that’s the show. Man, I love that show! I just saw it earlier this year after loving the soundtrack fro almost 10 years. There one song in that show, “Endless Night” that really reminded me of my faith journey. Did you get that, too?

    • Oh definately I could see that. The music is very powerful.

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