Day 20 – What do you hear?


          I stuck to my sleep schedule and I felt great today. There was tons of activity just within the course of the workday. I orchestrated a Dodgeball tournament during lunch. Whew. This threw off my lunch plans but I had a back up plan by having simple snacks in the frig. A hardboiled egg and drinkable yogurt is a great lunch on the run. I still had to talk against that voice in my head that kept saying, “Oh but you should just get a quick school lunch,” or “You had a hard day you deserve a quick meal on the way home.” Oh I just scream at that voice. What’s interesting is that the voice was becoming muted until my bump in the road last week. Now I have to starve that voice again and only feed that voice what I choose.
(Enough mind games).

           I head to the theatre tomorrow so I won’t have a post but I have arranged my snacks for the road trip. I’m only nervous about the size of the seats. Oh it’s going to be a tight fit. Maybe I’ll sit in-between my two friends that love me instead of a stranger that in perturbed by me taking up extra area. No worries I’ll live through it. It won’t change the overall impact of the circle of life. Did you figure out which show I’m going to?
Have a great Tuesday.

One comment

  1. I am curious what show you’re going to. Just think of when you go to a show next year, and how much more comfortable the seats will be!!

    Goog job on ignoring that evil little voice–keep it at bay. In fact, I’m pretty Steve had a great blog post about that about a month or two ago…

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