Day 18 – New habits


     Oh how fun to look back on these past few days now with clear eyes. The sugar haze and carb high has lifted. I can see that I reverted back to my old ways of thinking. I slowed down on the intensity of intension. I began to wallow which is my old way of thinking. I began to get lost again in my story of how I got here. I was prime for any emotion or circumstance to come along to get me off course. When I focus on my past I get hooked on all of the “should ofs, would ofs and could ofs,” instead of focusing on the work necessary to achieve my goal. Yes I need to be mindful of my past and how it has shaped me so far but right now I need to solidify my new habits. Sean Anderson of The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser explicitlytold me to keep it simple with Winnie-the-Pooh-Eeyore-004just the mantra calories in calories out. I had done that for a while but then I got caught up in my head again. Think! Think! Think! This just brings out the Eeore in me. I got carried away and began searching for the quick fix or the right formula. The theory is that it takes 21 days to form and solidify a new habit. If I act consciously and consistently for 21 days I can establish a new, positive, healthy habit. So for now I’ll need to make sure not to complicate this road. As it becomes a natural course of my life I will then have the strength to slowly revisit my past histroy. When emotions begin to creap in I’ll need to take a moment and not let it derail my ultimate goal, to see what a difference a year makes.

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.
– Aristotle –


  1. One of the keys to success in this or any area of our life, as you well know, is solidifying the new habits. Once we have done that, things get much easier. However, we can never let our guard down, as the old habits are always looking for a stronghold to get their ways back into our lives.

    • Oh it is a stronghold and I allow it take root when I’m tired or stressed that’s were the pause comes in. I will pray for His strength during this time and a new breath will come. When I am weak He is strong.

  2. I couldn’t have said it better myself, I too find great momentum in the beginning. Then I get greedy if you may and I want more, faster. I start trying to “perfect” the system that I have failed at OH SO MANY TIMES.

    Keeping it simple is a good plan, one that I am doing myself.

    You can do this, brush yourself off and get right back up!

    • I’m standing strong now.
      Thanks for your encouraging words.

      For such a time as this these lessons will be learned because I know there is a plan for me that’ll be incredible especially when I look back on this journey.

      Keep on, Keeping on! It’s what we do.

  3. “..see what a difference a year makes.”

    When I get impatient for results, I remind myself about Sean’s one year anniversary…all the wonderful changes. That is so great you have that outlook, that long view of seeing what wonderful things that God will do in your life in one short year.

    I’ll bet that in one year, we will be saying “wow, what happened…it went by so fast!” At least I HOPE so. 😉

    • Bring It 🙂

  4. Your struggles with the past remind me of somethign I have to keep telling myself:

    Worry too much about what-ifs, and you won’t enjoy what is.

    You’ve already had success, just keep it up (though this is a few days late, and it seems like you already have…) 🙂

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