Day 16 – Remember those days


       Remember those days when you’d eat a McDonald’s Value Meal and maybe top it off with an ice cream? Remember after the meal you’d sit and watch TV in a calorie high? The blood rushing to your engorged stomach as you stare mindlessly off in the distance and think, Hmmm that was good. As you sink deeper and deeper into the chair you’re full but you’re still thinking of your next meal. Then maybe the loathing begins. You ask yourself, “Why did I do that?” You justify to yourself that you’ll begin again but not until Monday. And since its Thursday you go and check the refrigerator for another snack after all it’s been 10 minutes and you’re coming out of the food induced coma. In the past postings this is where I say, “But not today!”

Well it’s TODAY!

          I worked late into the evening and I let my schedule dictate my final choice for the day. (Of course I made the choice and I understand that my schedule is an inanimate object, but it just sounded good). I had made good choices all day long that should have never justified my choice of eating fast food. I was feeling prideful about what I had been doing these past days, that’s right days.  I had been boastful so I had a feeling I was setting myself up for a high calorie intake. I knew the perfect stressful day was coming when my schedule would be out of control and with little sleep I would break away from my calorie budget. I have recognized this certain pattern and I’ll make positive adjustments in order to be successful. I’m not going to beat myself up in fact I will be nice Shelli. (See post Day 5) I will need to get a hold of this schedule because it only intensifies as we approach the end of the year. So for now I will allow myself some grace and jump back into making better decisions so that I’m set up for success.

Setting up for success
1. Sleep
2. Shop for food and don’t run out of my favorites.
3. Lighten up on certain work expectations that I put on myself.
       I’m somewhat of a Perfectionist. I really like to be a step ahead, which adds a lot of pressures.
4. Exercise first and then cleanup my desk.
            Finally, I also want to remember how awful the meal made me feel.   I don’t like the lethargic after glow of a super large meal. It just lingers like a rock in my stomach.

I think this is a good start.
Lessons learned and learned and learned.  It’s what we do.


  1. Do I ever remember those days! It was nothing for me to get a triple cheese burger, a large fry, a large drink, and a blizzard! Good golly, it is no wonder I was big.

  2. Me, too! And since I was too embarrassed to buy it all at one place, I would cruise thru 2 or 3 places, hiding the previous purchase on the floorboards…then rush home and zone out in front of the tube, trying to make the escape from reality last as long as I could.

    Yep, we understand…It sounds like you have a clear and focused plan to continue forward. Yes, we are continually learning….me too, in lots of areas.

  3. OH MAN, I could have written this myself. The despair I felt afterwards was the worse. I am still struggling with this! You have a great plan and I know that you can do it one good choice at a time.

  4. I remember the days too. But I wouldn’t even go out and get it. I always had it delivered and would order extra drinks so they would think it was for more than one person.

    You learned something and moved on. That is success.

  5. I also remember those days! Like Loretta, I would eat from like three places: 2 double cheese burgers, 1 McChicken; 2 Jack-in-the-box Tacos, 1 Jumbo Jack; and something from BK. Yikes! But I didn’t want to wait till the couch. I would eat the previous purchase before the next fast food joint. Why did I end up at 370 pounds? Oh yeah. That’s why.

    But I’m so glad that you’re learning from this. And much more, that you had to courage to post this. We’re all here to support you, so thank you for hte honesty. You’ll get past this.

    But I’ve got to say, I’m curious as to what you did eat that sank your battleship…

    God Bless!

    • Here’s the torpedo…
      Angus Mushroom & Swiss
      770 calories
      Medium French Fries
      380 calories
      Vanilla Reduced Fat Ice Cream Cone
      150 calories
      Iced Tea
      Grand total 1300 calories YIKES!!

      • Ah, now I get it. I do actually love healthy food. But, man, junk food is really tasty, huh?

  6. I love how you call it setting up for success. That is a great attitude!

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