Day 15 — Week 2 Weigh In -3.3



I lost  -3.3  pounds this week. 

Starting Weight :      365.1
Current Weight:       361.0

Total pounds lost:      -4.1


      Don’t forget to log your goals for the last 100 days of 2009 and for the  The Hot 100 – Going Out With a Bang! Contest so you may race for the peppers.    Click the link for more information.


  1. YES!!! That is excellent. I am so happy for you!

  2. Thanks Kimberley,
    I’m on my way now. 🙂

  3. That is super! I know how encouraging it is to SEE the results you are working hard all week towards. Somehow, it sort of makes it “real”. Congrats!

    • Its a beginning 🙂

  4. Yeah! 3.3 down! Nice!!

  5. Hi Shelli! Congrats on your weight loss. You have found a very supportive community. You can do this. Just take small steps in the right direction, and try to identify changes that you will be able to continue for the rest of your life.

    • Hi
      Sounds like a great plan.

  6. CONGRATS on the loss this week! I will check out that link!

  7. Yeh! shelli! Our teaching jobs are so demanding and stressful! Most of the teachers at my school prefer to diet in the summer. I can’t afford that luxury since I try to keep on top of my weight. Way to go girl!
    teacher carol

    • Thanks teach,

      I would love to diet only 3 months a year. However, seeking a total mind shift so that food is just to fuel my active day. We teachers sure go 100 mph every hour on the hour. I’m seeking balance.

      Its a journey. I can’t wait to see what happens in a year’s time 🙂

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