Day 13 – I’m getting a little nervous.


      I’m getting a little nervous. In two days I weigh in. It’s really my first Wednesday-to-Wednesday weigh in. My Calorie Budget has been right on target but there is always something more that I could do. My mindset has changed significantly but I’m sure those numbers will have a considerable impact on my motivation. In the past certain results have thrown me into a tailspin. My emotional reactions to the scale are pretty predictable when I look at my history. Results have always led me to stopping what I’ve started. So I would just ignore the scale, healthy food and my size all together and resign that I couldn’t loose weight. 

But not this time!

     I’m in new territory now. The scale will log results but I will do everything I can to stay in the game. I will step off the scale and keep on keeping on!  It’s not about numbers this time it’s about a mind body change. It’s about life and I’m going to enjoy it. 
    So isn’t it fitting that this Wednesday is exactly 100 days until the New Year?   To help motivate this community South Beach Steve of Log My Loss  has launched a challenge called, “The Hot 100 – Going Out With a Bang!” contest.  The conest is about setting goals and following through to the end of the year.  It’ll be a great way to set small goals and maybe win a jar of Steve’s AWESOME smoked, sweet & sour, pickled jalapenos.   
         Click on the link to read more about the contest.

     If nothing else it will be a fun way to focus on setting goals and keeping my mind off the scale.


  1. Well, I was right there with ya till you said the word “jalapeno”!! Yikes…no thanks, LOL!

    About the scale, I hope you figure out a good working relationship with that tool. On my Day 14, the first half of the blog entry was about the scale. I like having the information…it keeps me from fooling myself, helps me stay accountable.

    I’ll bet it will just fine Wednesday, and I will hear you celebrating all the way here in Oregon. 🙂

  2. Thanks Loretta,Its just a number especially since a friend today said that I looked like I lost weight in my face. She said she caught a quick glimps and the thought just came to her. That was better than any number on a scale.
    It’ll be a happy day tomorrow because I will Keep on Keeping on.

    Have a great day!

  3. Shelli,I love your honesty! I am a teacher too and I feel the need to be honest with my students. it is very freeing! you are doing terrific.  It really is a mind game- this dieting thing. the right frame of mind makes all the difference in the world!
    teacher carol

    • Thank You for your kind words. It is a stressful job that takes all of you every day. Whew! I just need to practice what I teach 🙂 We’ll get there.

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