Day 12 – Do I have a witness?


   I was teaching a lesson about finances this week to 8thgraders when the question rang out “What did you spend your money on?” (See post Day 6)  I in turned went in for the joke laced in truth. I slapped my thighs and gave my best Super Model pose and exclaimed that it cost a lot to get a body like this.  Let the squirming begin.  The poor kids didn’t know if they should laugh because to them and society it’s a taboo subject.  The students instead just gave me sheepish grins. I assured them that it was ok to be truthful.  I told them that now that my finances are within budget it was time to get my calorie budget in line.  I told them that they were going to be my witnesses.  I asked if I could have a witness and they responded by raising their hands with a few cheers and giggles. I can’t wait to pull those capris out next spring. I then reverted their attentions back to our lesson on budgeting.  

        I just don’t see the point in hiding.  Lets state the obvious.   I’m morbidly obese.   I know how I got here. I ate too much.  It’s ok to talk about it. I’ll explore the emotional issues along the way. It’s ok to comfort the issue.  I’m choosing to be better and not bitter.  I’ve already been down the road of resentfulness.  

So let’s see what a year of different choices can result in.


  1. I would be willing to bet there are some in that class that are struggling with their own weight issues, or have someone close to them that is…who knows how many lives could be touched by them watching you transform right in from of them!

  2. Loved the post and sp very true!! Good for you!! and thank you for the sweet comment you left me it means so very much to me!! cannot wait to see you get where you wnt to be!!

  3. Good for you for getting your weight loss started! I have lost 136 pounds only to regain 146.9 but I have lost 21.8 again so far.

    Stick to it and in a year you will be amazed at what you see. I am looking forward to seeing your progress.

  4. Shelli, you are an amazing person. I read this exchange with your students and sit in awe at your courage, your humor and your transparency. I am blessed to be your friend.

    • Jaimee my dearest friend, I’m going to do it this time.
      I’m the friend that is truly blessed.

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