Day 10 – Right Minded


     Hurray for Friday! I have seen some real changes in a week. I’ve been experiencing the same stress load, work expectations, and general pressures of life but I have actually not reverted to old habits. I have not answered these pressures by eating whatever I wanted because “I deserved it.” In fact I believe I have been able to set reasonable expectations for myself because I have set a limit. I took time today to exercise immediately after school, which allowed me the freedom to stay late and get organized for next week. There will come a time when I will faultier but, right now I know when that time comes I’ll be that much stronger to pick myself back up, especially with everyone’s encouragement.
Thank you so much!


  1. ( I have not answered these pressures by eating whatever I wanted because “I deserved it.” )

    ooh, that’s a biggee…putting food back into it’s place as “nourishment” instead of “reward.” That took me a looong time to conquer. You are making good choices.

    On a side note…it cracked me up when you said you had a hard time spelling “exercise”. For me, it was “commitment” and “consistent”…which ironically enough, were areas I was really working hard on! Ha ha!

  2. Great job! Glad you got your exercise in – I need to get to the gym today because I didn’t exercise yesterday – can’t have two days off in a row, otherwise its hard to get back in the groove!

    Happy Saturday!

    • Good job get back there. 🙂 Isn’t it amazing how fast you can loose momentum? I have found that it is easier to do it right away before a transition to another activity.

  3. Great job! I swear, carving out the time to exercise on a regular (semi-scheduled) basis is part of whta has really helped me. I know I can’t be successful without the routine.

    This change that you’re experiencing is really exciting!

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