Day 8 — Week 1 Weigh In -.8



I lost  -.8  pounds this week. 

Starting Weight :      365.1
Current Weight:       364.3

This was a short week.  I found a scale at the hospital on Saturday and then weighed in again on Wednesday.  This will be my day from now on.  I made great “Calorie In” choices last week.  Now Week  2 I’ll add excercise. So look out “Calories out” begins tomorrow for the perfect duo.


  1. 0.8 pounds lost with just diet? Think about doing that with exercise included? I ccan’t weait for next week! Wahoo!!

    • Wow. I got so excited I forgot how to spell or proofread. Yikes. Seriously, though, I’m happy for you.

  2. Great work! Almost a pound down – that is always a good thing!

  3. hoo ray sis! so proud and happy for you! 🙂

  4. I agree, you are off to a solid start. When you combine good nutrition choices with good movement…we will all be doing the happy dance with you next week!

    PS: I am following Biggest Loser, too. It always encourages me, and in the past I would kinda be jealous of them, too. And even said the same things to myself, about how well I would do if I had all the advantages of being away from real life and on the “ranch”. Well, we are making our own Ranch! It will be fun to watch this season, and we will be making progress right along with them…yippee!

    • I like this “Ranch” too. I’m finding it very supportive. Isn’t it exciting to see what happens?

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