Day 5 – Not in an instant


     Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up tomorrow and not have this problem? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just move on from this one thing? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not battle this time and time again. This battle will only be accomplished when I enter a PATTERN of self-control. It will not happen in an instant.

      Making choices each day that will lead to results will ease the battle with myself. Because I have been fighting this my whole life, I have a dialogue in my mind about weight that plays over and over and over and over. It doesn’t prohibit me from new experiences but it takes an inner toll. I have a friend that often asks me if I am being nice to Shelli. In the last week I have been nice to Shelli. I have not been condemning myself over and over again. In the last week I have been giving myself enough grace to make positive changes and to eat right. It’s been easier this week because I’m taking it slow and keeping food choices simple. I do not have to have everything mapped out and solved within the very first week. I’m making forward progress one meal at a time. The time is going to go by and I’m going to be that much stronger and even kinder to myself.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this today…I just realized why my day was sort of “glum” feeling. I was being hard on Loretta, not being kind to Loretta. I only lost 1 lb this last week, and was beating myself up for allowing a gradual upward portion creep happen.

    So, instead I will be glad for the information, make the necessary course corrections, and be KIND to myself.
    Thank you!

    • This is why we’re here. It has been a few days Loretta I can see from your latest post you are still being KIND to yourself? Your postings are so uplifting. You Go Girl!

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