Day 1 Hello world!


09/09/09 – 10/10/10  What can happen in a little over a year? 
Time is going to pass so why not have a set focus of time and let’s see what can happen. I’m a little nervous about writing. I’ve erased more sentences than I can count since I’ve started writting just a minute ago.  I’ve written Blogs in my mind since June but have not taken the first step of actually writting the post.

So this is the beginning of an incredible REAL and TRUTHFUL Year.


  1. I’m with you for the journey! You GO girl!

    • JoLynn, You have been such a great friend. Love ya

  2. I found you through Tyler’s site and I can’t wait to see where you in the next year. I have a feeling it will be nothing but greatness. I have been throwing the idea around of starting a blog. You guys are motivating me!

    • Kim I’m having so much fun. The Blog is a wonderful way to connect, vent and track exactly what I do. Its amazing. Let me know when you start. Come on out the water is fine.

  3. I’m so excited for you! I actually started my blog after getting inspired by Tyler’s blog. I’ve found such a supportive community online! Check out these blogs, too:


    They’ve both been super supportive!

    I’m really looking forward to watching you on your journey. Best of luck and God Bless!

  4. Hi Aunt Shelli,
    Your blog rocks! The page is designed so perfectly, I love the verse you chose, as well as the road symbolism and the gorgeous scenery! It’s very commendable for you to be so honest and heartfelt. I’ve known you my entire life and can honestly say that I had no idea you’ve had such an inner struggle! You are so full of joy and one of the happiest people I know! (Much like Grandpa Church ;o) Keep up the good work! Jon and I are behind you 100%!!


    • Oh My Lindz,
      With a tear in my eye thank you for your kind words. Onward and downward on the scale that is.
      Love you

  5. Hi there – just dropping in from Tyler’s site! Way to go, taking the steps to set a goal, and start blogging about it for accountability. I just started my weight loss journey last month, and my blog a couple of weeks ago. I’m on a mission to lose about 70 to 90 pounds. 16 pounds down! 🙂

    Will keep reading, good luck! 🙂

    • Hey Dee, You’re doing it. One month and 16 pounds! WOW! Just think about what can happen for both of us in one years’s time. I can’t wait. Its going to be an exciting time.

      • Indeed! I took some before and after pictures already and can see a difference creeping up! So excited to keep losing. Hopefully we’ll both see ourselves succeeding completely and totally!

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